American Strategic Partners has produced significant results on behalf of our clients by utilizing our expertise in several industries and by utilizing our extensive relationships in federal, state and local governments.

Some of our successes, include but not limited to, successfully lobbying the federal government resulting in securing 2 Billion dollars for the motorcoach industry. This relief funding was a “lifeline” for many businesses/individuals across the United States. We successfully lobbied the 2 billion dollars during the pandemic, an unprecedented time that affected the traditional in person lobby practice. Our relationships afforded us the opportunity to lobby senior level members of the federal government without in person meetings.

American Strategic Partners has successfully lobbied on behalf of one of the largest state utility companies satisfying our client’s goals regarding a controversial regulation policy. American Strategic Partners lobbied with directors of the health department, the governor, and senators in a coordinated effort to satisfy our client’s goals.

Additionally, our successes include lobbying and implementing a new product with the EPA, FDA. American Strategic Partners has successfully lobbied the executive branch, the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate in support key federal legislation.

American Strategic Partners’ experience exceeds well beyond the listed successes including successfully lobbying the U.S. Treasury and many other agencies.

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