ASP's legislative team advocates on behalf of our clients by lobbying for their best interests and objectives. Our lobbying team will develop a strategy to introduce new legislation, abolish existing legislation and to negotiate key policy issues. Our experienced legislative team will utilize our extensive experience in lobbying the leadership and committees, allowing us to easily identify the best strategy to have your legislative interests recognized by all representatives in the house and senate. We will also lobby the executive branch in coordination with our legislative efforts.

International Development

ASP's global team focuses on key international issues and policies that support our client's objectives. ASP's Global Team is comprised of international experts, multi-lingual negotiators, and experts in many industries that affect the global economy.

Our global team represents domestic and international companies seeking to develop or expand a footprint in the United States. We also provide services in the International Community to expand your objectives to reach beyond the borders of America.


ASP'S experienced regulatory team strategically determines the appropriate agency to secure your approvals regarding your new and innovative products. We will partner with you to streamline all regulations to a clear path of approvals. ASP's regulatory team of experts focuses on all government regulatory agencies that license, certify, inspect and approve products and services to be purchased, sold, manufactured, and dispensed in the United States of America, including chemicals and health products. Our experienced team will also lobby to modify existing regulation that best suits your industry and objectives. Our team will also lobby for funding to support your research.

Contract Procurement

ASP Specializes in securing contracts with the government for services or products that your business provides. ASP will implement a strategy that is designed to match your company's objectives. Our expert researchers and writers will identify contract opportunities through our intelligence we gather that are relevant to the services or products that your company provides. We provide one-stop-shop contract procurement services. ASP represents your company in all communications with government officials and drafts all correspondence including proposals to complete the contract procurement process.

ASP's contract services extend beyond researching for contract opportunities. ASP lobbies government agencies to secure contracts for your company's services/products. ASP's contract team focuses on identifying government agencies that our clients can sell their products or services to.

Grant Development

ASP Specializes in securing grants to fund your project. ASP's Grant team focuses on locating government funds that meet the objectives of our client's project. Our expert researchers and grant writers will identify grant opportunities through our intelligence we gather that fit your funding request to implement and complete your goals. We provide a one-stop-shop grant process. ASP represents your company in all communications with government officials and drafts all correspondence, including proposals, to complete the grant process.

ASP's grant services extend beyond researching for grant opportunities. ASP lobbies government agencies by providing a demand for funding for our clients' specific projects.


ASP's Marketing team has unique tools to market our clients' products and services to the government. Our marketing services are included in our contracted services provided to our client. ASP’s unique marketing team will tailor our strategy to your individual objectives and brand. Upon consultation, we will discuss our marketing expertise and strategies for your specific objectives.