ASP's Legislative Division advocates on behalf of our clients by lobbying existing legislation, drafting new legislation and key policy issues. ASP strategically develops a plan for our clients to adopt, abolish or amend legislation that supports their objectives.

International Development

ASP's Global Team focuses on key international issues and policies that support our client's objectives. ASP's Global Team is comprised of international experts, multi-lingual negotiators, and experts in multiple industries that affect the Global economy.


ASP's Regulatory division focusses on all government regulatory agencies that license, certify, inspect and approve products and services to be purchased, sold, manufactured, and used in the United States of American including chemicals, health products.

Contract Procurement

ASP's Contract Division focuses on identifying government agencies that our clients can see their products or services to the government. ASP will implement a strategy that is designed to match your company's objectives.

Grant Development

ASP's Grant Division focusses on finding government funds that meet the services our client's project.


ASP's Marketing team has unique tools to market our clients' product and services to the government. Our marketing services are include in our services provided to our client.